Zohaib Zahid Profile

Zohaib Zahid

Head of AJK Region​

Zohaib Zahid is working with Nation TV HD as Head of AJK Region and Editor.

Zohaib Zahid is a professional journalist. He is a student of journalism and politics. He is also freelance journalist. He is a digital media activist. He is well known for his work on social media. He has been working as a reporter for Nation TV HD for the last two years. He specializes in his profession. He is currently serving as Regional Operational Head of Nation TV HD for AJK Region. He is also the editor of the Nation TV HD website. He is also a blogger and excellent columnist.

He has written numerous columns on political, religious, social and international issues. His columns have been published in various popular news websites and newspapers. As a journalist, he strives to bring social issues to the attention of the public through digital media and media. Highlighting social and political issues and presenting accurate facts of the news is a prominent feature of his media work.