Digiskills – Freelancing Exercise 4 Batch-06 Solution

Hands-on Exercise No. 4 Batch-06 Freelancing

Problem statement:

You are required to create a PDF Profile of your freelance career. Make sure to write effective content for a PDF Profile that will persuade the clients to know more about you and your services, which ultimately leads to business growth in the future.


You’re required to include the followings details in your PDF profile;
  1. Company Name or your Real Name (It will help you to stand )
  2. A professional tagline
(A tagline is a dramatic phrase that represents the vision/mission of the services in front of the clients. Do not add skill relevant keyword(s) in your tagline e.g. Digital Marketer.)
  1. A professional overview
(Your professional overview sets the tone for your whole services. You can add details about your qualifications, expertise, and experiences.)
  1. Service(s)
(Your service should explain, in your own words, what you’re offering to clients.)
  1. Portfolio
(Highlight the best work in your portfolio. Your portfolio is practically guaranteed to draw attention of a potential client: It’s your chance to show—not just tell—the quality of your work and the value of your expertise.)
  1. Freelance profile URL (if any)
(The URL of your freelance profile will help the prospective client(s) contact you in the future.) Your profile shows the way you wish to present yourself to the community. You are encouraged to present yourself in a professional manner by using Free MS Word template to create your PDF profile. It is recommended to use template for creating your PDF profile. Using template has countless benefits for an individual or a company, including representation of branding, uniformity in content, increased consistency, and the reduction of mistakes.

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