Digiskills – SEO Exercise 4 Solution

Hands-on Exercise No. 4 Batch-06 SEO

Problem Statement

  You have studied Google Trends and ASO (AppStore Optimization) in this course. You are required to perform following tasks in the light of what you have learned so far.
  1. Select a Website and perform the following tasks using Google Trends to analyze your search query (keyword). (4 marks)
    1. Mention the name of the selected
    2. Sign in to Google Trends (
  • Fill the input field with a keyword relevant to the selected
  1. Select a target
  2. Take screenshot(s) showing “Interests by Graph”, “Interest by Subregion” and “Related Queries”.
  3. Paste the screenshot(s) in the solution
  1. Select a Mobile Application and perform the following tasks. (6 marks)
    1. Open the Mobile App Store (Google Play or Apple Store).
    2. Mention the name of the selected Mobile
  • Open the page of the selected App on the AppStore and take
  1. Paste that screenshot in the solution
  2. Figure out the SEO factors that are missing OR not implemented properly. LIST these factors in the solution
  3. Now Signup and Login the APP Annie ASO tool (
  • Click on the Keyword Search option in left side
  • Enter a keyword relevant to the selected Mobile
  1. Take screenshot of the first 10 keyword suggestions and paste it in the solution

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